A Note on Note Taking

You're in class, and you hear something interesting. You're watching a video, and they're talking about cool stuff. You have an interesting thought or idea. You want to write it down. You don't want to forget. Where do you write it down? How do you make sure you can find it later?

I've tried different tools, and approaches. Handwritten notes. Digital Handwritten notes. Digital Notes. Notebooks. Obsidian. Notion. OneNote. Evernote. I've tried different frameworks. Zettelkasten. Second Brain.

So far, nothing's ever stuck. I use one approach for a bit, and then I run into something interesting where that particular medium can't capture the idea the way I imagine it. So I switch. Again. Then, when I come to look for that idea that I know I wrote down somewhere, I can't remember where I put it.

After thinking about it, here's what I think makes a good note-taking system:

As I write this, I've been using Obsidian for the last couple years, and it's almost perfect. But, the itch to switch is back, and I'm not sure why. No other tool that exists right now is particularly interesting to me right now, either, so I'm not sure what I want.

Maybe it's time I go looking, or make something on my own.